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Face Straps

Get Your Best Look

It is one of the most frequently used methods to correct the sagging of facial tissues and skin over the years due to age and the effect of gravity. With this procedure called thread face lift or thread face lift, non-surgical results can be obtained by correcting wrinkles and sagging that are not excessive. In fact, this method, which has been around for many years, has become popular and widespread again in recent years with the use of new technology threads.
Although face hanging methods are special for each person, procedures are applied according to your needs after examining you. Thread facelift procedure is not suitable for all patients, and if there is excessive sagging on your face, you may need a facelift aesthetic operation. 
After the thread face lift procedure, the person can immediately continue his daily life. Although an immediate lifting effect is observed when the procedure is performed, a more taut and elastic skin is obtained with the increase in collagen synthesis triggered in the following days.

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