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 (Nose Aesthetics)

Change Your Image, Change Your Life

What is rhinoplasty? 

Rhinoplasty is the name of plastic surgery that can correct cosmetic (appearance) or functional problems of the nose. This application improves the size, shape and general appearance of the nose and makes it compatible with the rest of the face. Rhinoplasty also corrects structural disorders of the nose and allows better breathing. 

Frequently asked questions

Which structures and features of the nose can be corrected with rhinoplasty?

  • Improvement can be achieved by changing almost all characteristic features of the nose, such as the tip of the nose, nostrils, nose root (the part between the two eyebrows), nose lip angle, nose height and the shape of the nose dorsum. Breathing function is also improved by correcting the midline of the nose, also known as septoplasty.

Is there an age restriction for rhinoplasty - rhinoplasty surgery?

  • Although there is no strict age limit for rhinoplasty candidates, the minimum age limit is generally 15 to 16 years old. Because candidates for rhinoplasty surgery must have a fully established facial structure, their facial growth must have completed, they must be physically healthy, and they must be mature enough to make a decision about surgery.

How long does rhinoplasty surgery take?

  • Although it varies depending on the technique used and the deformities of the nose that need to be corrected, it generally takes between 1 and 3 hours.

How is the recovery period after rhinoplasty surgery? 

  • When you come out of surgery, you will have a nasal cast and tapes on your nose, and sometimes a splint inside it. Generally, the splint will be removed the next day or after 3 days, the cast will be removed after a week and your tapes will be renewed, and after another week, all tapes will be removed. Generally, patients can return to work after 1 week, and most of the edema disappears within a few weeks. However, it will take longer for the edema to disappear completely and your nose will continue to change and improve slightly within 6 months (sometimes 1 year).

How long does the effect of rhinoplasty surgery last?

  • The effect of rhinoplasty surgery is permanent as long as there are no external factors, the nose continues to age over the years like the rest of the face. 

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