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Liposuction (Fat Removal)

Change Your Image, Change Your Life

What is liposuction?

As we get older, fatty tissue tends to accumulate in various places in our body. To combat this, it is necessary to pay attention to diet and exercise regularly. However, even for people who adopt a healthy lifestyle, sometimes these do not yield sufficient results. 

  • Your general health is good

  • There are stubborn fat accumulations in your body

  • Diet or exercise did not get you the results you wanted

  • You have realistic expectations about the outcome.

If these items apply to you, liposuction may be beneficial for you.

Areas where liposuction can be applied:

Your wife: The accumulation of excess fat in the abdomen usually causes the person to have a "love handle" or, even more so, "muffin top" appearance. With liposuction, these accumulated areas are flattened and an aesthetic appearance is achieved in which the muscles on the anterior abdominal wall become clear. 

Thighs: Excess fat accumulation causes sagging in the thighs, especially in the inner parts, and thanks to liposuction, the accumulated fat tissue in this stubborn area is removed.

Arms: Excess fat accumulated in the arms is generally very difficult to melt with diet and exercise. With liposuction, the fat accumulations that shake even with small arm movements are removed and a beautiful definition is provided to the arm.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I the right candidate for liposuction?

  • Your general health condition is important for this surgery. Additionally, patients should have realistic expectations for this surgery. This surgery is not a weight loss surgery, but a body shaping surgery.

How permanent are the results?

  • The results of liposuction surgery remain available for many years. The results are maintained unless there are conditions such as excessive weight gain or pregnancy.

Is liposuction surgery painful?

  • The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, and substances are applied locally to reduce your post-operative pain. During the post-operative recovery period, simple painkillers are sufficient.

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