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Lip filler

Get Your Best Look

It is the method applied to people who have thinned lips with aging, lost volume, or have structurally thin lips. A special filler containing hyaluronic acid is used. When you decide to have lip filler, you should first determine what kind of lip structure and volume you want and discuss with your doctor whether it is suitable for your face before the procedure. With lip filler, aesthetic lips that are fuller, have more pronounced edges, and are more suitable for facial proportions can be achieved.

Lip filling is usually applied after numbing with topical anesthesia and sometimes local anesthesia and is not a painful procedure. It takes about 20 minutes. 

Lip filling is not a permanent method, its permanence varies from person to person but is generally 8-9 months.

There may be some edema on the lips after the procedure, it is temporary. In the first period, the patient may be asked to massage until the filling settles.

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