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Breast Lift

Change Your Image, Change Your Life

Breast lift is a procedure in which the breast that sags down due to gravity or other reasons is raised to a more aesthetically suitable position. By removing sagging skin and excess tissues, the breast is also made more shaped. Unlike breast augmentation surgery, it is an operation that changes not only volume but also the shape and position of the breast.

How do I know if I need breast lift surgery?

  • If you have significant sagging in your breasts and your nipple is at or below the level of your inframammary groove, breast lift surgery will be beneficial for you. Generally, age, pregnancy (breastfeeding), gravity, rapid changes in weight or genetics are the causes of breast sagging.

Breast lift types: 

Half Moon: It may be preferred if there is minimal sagging in the breast and the nipple is facing forward and does not sag. It is almost invisible as the scar will only be on the upper half border of the breast brown.

Periaeros: It may be preferred if there is minimal sagging in the breasts as well as asymmetry at the nipple levels. the scar will only be around the breast brown.

Lollipop: It is preferred in patients with sagging breasts and nipples. It leaves less scarring than the inverted T method.

Inverted T: It is preferred if there is a significant amount of sagging in the breast and nipples. If there is excess breast tissue, it is the ideal method to remove it and stitch it at the same time. 

Frequently asked questions:

How soon after pregnancy can I have breast lift surgery?

  • This operation can be performed approximately 6 months after birth.

Does breast augmentation need to be performed along with this surgery?

  • No. In breast lift surgery, a more upright breast is created in the new location using the patient's own tissue, and a prosthesis is not required. However, for most patients who experience volume loss and want fuller breasts in addition to a lift, these two procedures can be safely performed together.

Will my surgery scars be visible?

  • The scars of breast lift surgery are meticulously hidden around the breast brown area and in the natural sub-breast folds. In addition, the scars that are more visible at the beginning fade over time. Protecting yourself from sunlight for 6 months to 1 year is one of the most important factors to prevent your scars from becoming visible.

Are my surgery results permanent?

  • The results of the surgery are permanent as long as there is no excessive weight gain or loss or pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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