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Change Your Image, Change Your Life

What is abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)?

Abdominoplasty is a surgery that improves the appearance of the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin from the abdomen and tightening the muscles in the anterior abdominal wall. Men or women of all ages can apply for this operation when diet and exercise are insufficient.

  • Increases self-confidence

  • Body lines are improved

  • It allows clothes to fit more smoothly and comfortably on the body.

Abdominoplasty techniques

Full tummy tuck: Excess skin and fat are removed and the abdominal wall is also tightened. While a flat abdomen is created with the remaining skin, the belly button is also moved to its new location.

Mini tummy tuck: It is preferred in patients with less sagging skin. Only the excess skin below the belly button is removed, the belly button is not moved, and the surgical scar is usually shorter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best candidates for abdominoplasty (tummy tuck plastic surgery) surgery?

  • It is ideal for patients who are in good general health and have permanent excess sagging skin and stubborn fat accumulations in their abdomen.

How long does recovery take?

  • The recovery period after tummy tuck surgery varies from person to person. Most patients can return to work after 7-10 days, full recovery may take up to 1 month, and it may take up to 6 months for all edema to subside and the abdomen to reach its final state.

When is the earliest abdominoplasty can be performed after pregnancy? 

  • It is recommended that at least 6 months - 1 year pass for the changes in the body during pregnancy to return to their previous state and to benefit from the surgery to the maximum.

Can I get pregnant after tummy tuck surgery?

  • If there is a desire to become pregnant, it is recommended to become pregnant at least 1 year after the tummy tuck surgery (although it varies from patient to patient). 

How long does the effect of tummy tuck surgery last?

  • The results of abdominoplasty are permanent as long as the patient maintains her weight and does not become pregnant.

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