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Mesotherapy Applications

Get Your Best Look

Mesotherapy is a combination of substances consisting of a mixture of many vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In mesotherapy application, this content is injected into the skin.
It is useful for aged, dry or stained skin, dark circles under the eyes, hair loss, etc. is used. By stimulating skin renewal, a more vibrant, even color tone and firmer, healthier skin is achieved. Since it is applied directly to the problematic area, its effect is much higher and faster than systemic applications.
After the procedure, the patient can immediately continue his daily life. Sometimes there may be minor redness or bruises at the injection sites, which will disappear within a day or two. Sessions are repeated according to the patient's needs, usually 4-6 sessions are applied. The effects begin to be seen approximately after the 2nd session. Each session progresses by increasing the effects of the previous session. The skin looks brighter, younger, more moist, more elastic, more aesthetic and more luminous.

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